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Rachel Berger - Founder of Press On Performance and Training

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Press On Performance and Training is independently owned and operated by Rachel Berger. Rachel has two decades of combined experience working in personal fitness training and physical therapy. She pursued higher education and is a Missouri licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. Expanding her skills in post-operative surgery and injury rehabilitation has allowed Rachel to work safely with clients of all ages, regardless of their medical history. Whether you are looking for an advanced workout experience or are needing corrective exercise to improve pain and restore mobility, Rachel is guaranteed to help you with your health and fitness goals.

The primary mission of Press On Performance and Training is to bridge the gap between physical therapy and personal training. 32% of physical therapy patients end up returning to physical therapy after they have been released due to continued pain and weakness. 74% of patients admit that they are no longer doing the physical therapy exercises at home due to lack of motivation and accountability. A majority of patients are hesitant to hire personal trainers post physical therapy for fear of getting injured. Personal fitness trainers are not required to have physical therapy education and experience. For these reasons, working with Rachel provides the most value and progress towards your health and fitness goals!

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Rachel's Experience and Training Includes:

  • 2 decades of experience working in personal fitness training and physical therapy

  • SFMA Level 1 and Level 2 certified

  • NSCA certified personal fitness trainer

  • Missouri Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant (LPTA)

  • Certified manual therapist specializing in myofascial and trigger point release

  • Former competitive bodybuilder

  • Competitive Runner

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